How to implement socialism in Brazil? Strategy and tactics from workers’ party and its communists allies

luladilma620The Brazilian democracy holds a dangerous and impressive political system. It permits that political parties which support totalitarian ideologies take place at the political life in the country as if they were democratic parties. The greatest expression of this reality is the revelation by the Federal Justice all details about the dirty corruption practiced by workers’ party members to steal money for them and for the party from own-state controlled companies. Thus, they got enough money to bribe deputies from other parties to approve projects of their interest. The goal was to change the laws to support the implementation of a socialist state. Hence, the Brazilian democracy have kept the seeds of its own destruction, insofar it allows that criminal and subversive organizations perform their activities freely in a constant flirt with the communist threat.

The information that we will read in the following lines is a summary of the conspiratorial actions that have been performed in Brazil since 1988. These actions grew up dramatically of intensity when workers’ party supported by communists, socialists, leftists, unionists, populists, corrupt politicians, and Gramsci’s followers arrived at the power in 2003.

The Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment was a tactical severe defeat in the worker’s party project, but it does not mean they have been completely defeated.

General Strategy action plan

  • Through a process of democracy’s subversion and infiltration of ideas related to Marxist concepts at the social, political and economic fields in order to undermine the foundations that support the country.
  • Expanding cultural Marxism at the schools, universities and unions, subverting the youth, rewriting the History and destroying the values of western civilization.
  • Through a process of planned attacks to the culture, family and religion in order to open a way to infiltrate subversive ideas and the totalitarian communism.

How to implement socialism? Tactics applied to enable the strategy

  • Applying the politically correctness speech in order to hush up and to deride any different opinion or vision. It does not allow the truth’s expression as it is.
  • Through a process of capturing of the corrupt political parties, bribery of congressional representatives and control of main permanent commissions of the National Congress.
  • Exercising the media control and through infiltration of Marxist ideas in the main networks, as well as militants ideologically aligned with Marxism.
  • Expanding the production control through nationalization of important segments of the economy to extract financial resources to support workers’ party illegal activities.
  • Through massive infiltration of political commissars in all own-state companies and public organizations by the opening of thousands of job positions for these militants.
  • By the establishment of non-governmental organizations and social movements with strong Marxist content to reinforce the false idea that only socialism humanizes, and capitalism is just a destructive system.
  • Through permanent economic dependence of poor people to the governmental social programs and thus, ensuring votes through main social program called “bolsa família”. It means that government “gives a little bit of fish but does not teach how to fish”. People never conquer their full autonomy learning a profession.
  • Applying a mistaken policy of human rights with excessive and irresponsible protection to the highly dangerous criminals, among them murderers and rapists.
  • Developing a permanent conflict: blacks against whites, rich people against poor people, etc. Throwing people against each other. Dividing them to conquer. The workers’ party does not conduct a policy of national unity to overcome the problems.
  • By the infiltration at the judicial system with judges aligned with Marxist ideology and militants who have worked to the party.
  • Spreading the “coitadismo” (excessive self-pity) and victimization. These words express the behavior of people who consider themselves society’s victims.
  • Spreading the impression of permanent social injustice, instead of working with people to solve the problems and developing an independent mindset pleased with oneself.
  • Defining themselves as progressive to deceive people who believe they are honest and holders of altruistic and noble intentions.
  • Systematically depreciating and misrepresenting, sabotaging and devaluing any initiative, solution, program or action from other people not aligned with them.
  • Encouraging strikes, turmoil, and invasions of public buildings, rural properties and private companies. Systematically contesting and humbling government authorities from opposition.
  • Attacking with lies the main important governmental institutions where is necessary to be competent to be admitted, such as armed forces, federal police, public ministry, foreign affairs, etc.
  • Secretly lending money from public banks in order to support foreign communist dictatorships and authoritarian governments, as well as using a portion of these resources to benefit corrupt companies, allies and thieves of the workers’ party.
  • Creating an illusion that there is quality public education. Approving students without knowledge and evaluation, even so ensuring them access to the university through quotas.
  • Demoralizing the meritocracy, the competence and pressing all kind of opposition to shut up or even to go away from the country to find another place to live with dignity.
  • Attacking systematically any opposition with lies. Using the ideological patrolling at the universities and the political correctness behavior to control everyone, preventing people to express their opinion freely. The opposition is always classified as racist, homophobic, male chauvinist, stupid, reactionary, conservative, etc.

Hence, after applying all these items above combined with many years of Marxist ideological indoctrination in public schools and universities it will be possible to change the constitution and set up socialism in full.

The Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment was a very important victory of democracy to interrupt the worker’s party malignant project, but unfortunately it does not mean they have been completely defeated.

The subversion process initiated since the early 1980s continues alive and in course at the schools, universities, social movements, non-governmental organizations, etc. To defeat them we need to reveal its methods of operation, denounce them, unmask its protectors publicly and expose the reality behind their dissimulated actions that aim to delude and deceive people.

Raimundo Oliveira

Social Scientist


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