10 Things Foreigners Need To Know About Brazil, But The Media Will Never Tell Them


1-President Bolsonaro was elected with 58 million votes and enjoys overwhelming support from the population and from voters.
His recent motorcades in several major cities have attracted hundreds of thousands of people, in a mass show of support for the government NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN BRAZIL.

2- Bolsonaro is the first President Brazil has had since 1985 who is not a leftist or sympathizer. His election was deemed unacceptable by the Left who, as soon as the vote count ended, swore to raise hell and to stop at nothing to remove him from power.

3- Former president Lula was indicted for many crimes and sentenced by different courts to a prison term. In a shocking and incomprehensible reversal he was let out of prison, all his convictions were annulled and the judge who sentenced him – Sergio Moro – was called biased. Most Brazilians see this as a travesty of justice and a politically-motivated violation of the Rule of Law carried out to place a convicted criminal in next year’s presidential race.

4- Life is pretty much back to normal now. People are working, going to school, traveling, going to bars, malls, restaurants, movies, hotels and beaches. The “stay at home” time is gone.

5- In recent months a congressman, a journalist and several demonstrators were illegally arrested just because of their political opinions. None of the arrests were ordered by the President.

6- Over 40,000 inmates, most of them convicted of violent crimes, were let out of prison all over Brazil for “humanitarian reasons” during the pandemic. Many have killed after being released.

7- Police operations in the 1,400+ slums of Rio de Janeiro – all held by drug-lords or gangsters – have been suspended by court order since June 2020.

8- Brazil has an electronic, country-wide black-box-type voting system which is centrally controlled by an Elections Court. This court regulates the elections, enforces the regulations, runs the voting operations, tallies the votes and resolves disputes.
Brazilians want the voting system to be auditable. The Elections Court is fighting this request tooth and nail.

9- Big media has lost all credibility. They have spent the last year and a half drumming up fear in the population and presenting viewers and readers with a skewed view of reality created with the sole purpose of removing the President from power.

10- Supporters of the President have been intensely harassed, hit with bizarre secret court investigations, banned from social networks, subpoenaed by Congress inquiry commitees and vilified on national TV for the unforgivable crime of expressing their support for the President.

Please help me get the truth out by replicating this thread.

Thank you.

Roberto Motta.

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Roberto Motta no Twitter: “4. Life is pretty much back to normal now. People are working, going to school, traveling, going to bars, malls, restaurants, movies, hotels and beaches. The “stay at home” time is gone.” / Twitter

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A picture worths more than a thousand words

This picture shows us the public perception about corrupt politicians and the Brazilian left wing. All of them conspirators. All for money.

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Vacinação brasileira contra covid

Segundo o Ministério da Saúde, até 19/03 já foram distribuídas 25,6 milhões de doses contra covid as unidades da federação. Até o final de março mais 4,4 milhões de doses serão entregues, totalizando 30 milhões de doses. Assim, completaremos 15 milhões de pessoas vacinadas, entre elas o pessoal da saúde, os grupos de risco com sérias comorbidades e a maioria dos idosos com mais de 70 anos. A partir do final de março espera-se considerável redução nas internações deste grupo vulnerável.

Em abril está previsto a entrega de mais 48 milhões de doses que resultará em mais de 24 milhões de pessoas vacinadas. Nesta fase a maioria das pessoas com mais de 60 anos e o que sobrar dos grupos de risco estarão vacinados. Espera-se, desta forma, que as internações e a taxa de mortalidade entrem em forte declínio.

Analisando este cenário podemos perceber que a vacinação de março já vai nos trazer um forte impacto positivo. A vacinação de abril será decisiva para controlar a pandemia no Brasil. Teremos no total 39 milhões de pessoas vacinadas.

Em maio serão entregues mais 41 milhões de doses suficiente para vacinar 20,5 milhões de pessoas. Vários outros milhões de doses serão entregues mensalmente até completar mais de 562 milhões de doses em 2021.

A situação não estaria grave se houvesse por parte dos governos foco na proteção a grupos de riscos, efetiva aplicação dos recursos públicos na área da saúde, combinado com tratamento precoce aplicado logo nos primeiros sintomas, antes do agravamento da enfermidade. Muitos médicos já o fazem. Mas precisamos de muito mais. Ainda existe forte resistência, mesmo com as inúmeras evidências já publicadas em revistas científicas e testadas na prática de que diversos medicamentos off label apresentam resultados excelentes na redução da carga viral. Por que tanta resistência?

O que também pode atrapalhar a resolução da crise é a absurda politização da enfermidade por parte da extrema esquerda, combinada com quarentenas radicais que fecham empresas e desempregam aos milhões. Pessoas desesperadas, endividadas, esfomeadas e aglomeradas em casa se tornam presas fáceis de crimes e doenças contribuindo para o agravamento da crise.

Raimundo Oliveira

Cientista Social

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Speech by the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, at the G20 Summit, November 22nd, 2020

Another enlightening speech by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to clarify the country’s commitment to sustainable development and to repel false accusations against the country.

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Speech by the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, at the G20 Summit, November 21st, 2020

Before speaking about economic issues Bolsonaro said that there is attempts to import into Brazil weird tensions which are not part of our history.

In Brazil most of people knows that corrupt far left always worked to create conflicts trying to divide people into small groups to control us.

They are specialized in developing permanent conflicts: blacks against whites, rich people against poor people, men against women, parents against children, etc. Casting people against each other all time.

These radical groups never work to conduct a policy of national unity to overcome the real problems and are always attentive to use any criminal issue as a tool to try to develop hate amongst people that are living in peace.

Exercising the media control and through infiltration of Marxist ideas in the main networks, these corrupt people never lose an opportunity to disseminate hate disguised of social justice.

Their goal is through these criminal methods to achieve the power and control the country.

In the video as follow Bolsonaro explain the importance to make a reorganization in the World Trade Organization.

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Brazil – President Addresses General Debate, 75th Session

22 Sep 2020 –  Jair Messias Bolsonaro, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, addresses the general debate of the 75th Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 22 – 29 September 2020).

In a video message, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro told the General Assembly’s General Debate that segments of the Brazilian media have “politicized” the COVID-19 pandemic “by spreading panic among the population.”

The president also told that there is a brutal international desinformation campaign about Amazon and Wetlands amongst other issues.

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Speech by Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro at the opening of the 74th United Nations General Assembly – New York, September 24, 2019 – video.

Video with English Subtitles. Click on CC to activate it if need.

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Speech by Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro at the opening of the 74th United Nations General Assembly – New York, September 24, 2019

Jair BolsonaroMr. President of the General Assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande,
Mr. Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres,
Heads of State, of Government and of Delegation,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you a new Brazil, resurgent after being on the brink of socialism.

A Brazil being rebuilt on the aspirations and ideals of its people.

In my government, Brazil has been working to reconquer the world’s trust, reducing unemployment, violence, and risk to business through de-bureaucratization, de-regulation, and especially through example.

My country has been extremely close to socialism, which has put us in a situation of generalized corruption, grave economic recession, high criminality rates, and uninterrupted attacks to the family and religious values which make up our traditions. Continue reading

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Immigration and Cultural Marxism

caravana_honduras126686Nowadays we see in the US an intense and persistent dispute between democrat and republican parties about how to deal with immigration, which is not just an humanitarian problem and a way to renew and to promote sustainable development according to United Nations. It is much more than it. The immigration has been a difficult issue, that has been used not only by organized crime to get money, but also by corrupt foreign governments unable to work to solve their internal problems. Hence, the solution is easy, these governments just push people they do not want out of the country. These desperate people go to developed countries, which are in turn, quickly pressed by human rights organizations, media and political parties, internally and externally, to accept these people. Nobody talks to the authorities of the countries that are exporting people, not even the media press them to explain what is going on and what they are doing to solve the issue. Continue reading

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How to implement socialism in Brazil? Strategy and tactics from workers’ party and its communists allies

luladilma620The Brazilian democracy holds a dangerous and impressive political system. It permits that political parties which support totalitarian ideologies take place at the political life in the country as if they were democratic parties. The greatest expression of this reality is the revelation by the Federal Justice all details about the dirty corruption practiced by workers’ party members to steal money for them and for the party from own-state controlled companies. Thus, they got enough money to bribe deputies from other parties to approve projects of their interest. The goal was to change the laws to support the implementation of a socialist state. Hence, the Brazilian democracy have kept the seeds of its own destruction, insofar it allows that criminal and subversive organizations perform their activities freely in a constant flirt with the communist threat. Continue reading

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