Speech by the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, at the G20 Summit, November 21st, 2020

Before speaking about economic issues Bolsonaro said that there is attempts to import into Brazil weird tensions which are not part of our history.

In Brazil most of people knows that corrupt far left always worked to create conflicts trying to divide people into small groups to control us.

They are specialized in developing permanent conflicts: blacks against whites, rich people against poor people, men against women, parents against children, etc. Casting people against each other all time.

These radical groups never work to conduct a policy of national unity to overcome the real problems and are always attentive to use any criminal issue as a tool to try to develop hate amongst people that are living in peace.

Exercising the media control and through infiltration of Marxist ideas in the main networks, these corrupt people never lose an opportunity to disseminate hate disguised of social justice.

Their goal is through these criminal methods to achieve the power and control the country.

In the video as follow Bolsonaro explain the importance to make a reorganization in the World Trade Organization.

About Raimundo Oliveira

I'm a Social Scientist interested to study and provide analysis of global relevant issues. For professional contact send an email to rrsoliveira@hotmail.com
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