Immigration and Cultural Marxism

caravana_honduras126686Nowadays we see in the US an intense and persistent dispute between democrat and republican parties about how to deal with immigration, which is not just an humanitarian problem and a way to renew and to promote sustainable development according to United Nations. It is much more than it. The immigration has been a difficult issue, that has been used not only by organized crime to get money, but also by corrupt foreign governments unable to work to solve their internal problems. Hence, the solution is easy, these governments just push people they do not want out of the country. These desperate people go to developed countries, which are in turn, quickly pressed by human rights organizations, media and political parties, internally and externally, to accept these people. Nobody talks to the authorities of the countries that are exporting people, not even the media press them to explain what is going on and what they are doing to solve the issue.

According to United Nations, refugees and migrants are entitled to the same universal human rights and fundamental freedoms, which must be respected, always protected and fulfilled. The United Nations also recognize the importance of migration in reducing inequality within and between States. Therefore, this organization has found a way to solve poverty issues by just transferring the problem from one country to another. According to United Nations data there were in 2015 more than 244 million migrants around the world, most of them travelling in a safe way. Unfortunately, roughly 65 million are forcibly displaced people for several reasons such as religion persecution, natural accidents, ethnic conflicts, etc. Many of them are keen and willing to immigrate to developed countries to get work and build a new life there. Hence, there is a huge humanitarian problem, but also there are political reasons involved and an official incentive to move people, instead of increasing the efforts to negotiate with governments to solve the cause of these displacements.

Of course, there are good and qualified migrants involved, anxious to be integrated and to get new experiences, a new way of life, but also there are people with cultural, political and religious views which are completely different. People who neither accept to be integrated in a new society nor willing to understand and respect the native culture. Some of them after being accepted into a new country just want to change, control and impose their own way of life. The world is not only a beautiful and humanitarian place with adaptable people everywhere as naive people think. Actually, it can be a dangerous place if these issues are badly managed. The governments and organized societies must be attentive to it when deciding whether to move or accept people from non flexible cultures. It is not discrimination, on the contrary, this procedure is important to preserve and to protect the native culture, as well as to protect all people from conflicts, even the migrants themselves. Unfortunately, these displacements could be used as a tactic by criminal organizations and corrupt governments in order to cause conflicts and to destabilize other countries.

Cultural Marxism

The socialist parties, socialist organizations, even some unions, inside developed countries are happy about these migrations news. People from different culture can be manipulated to support and accomplish their agenda. It means more votes in elections. Some of these organizations have used cultural marxism to weaken the native culture, beliefs, traditions and religion in western societies and through it they are working to implement socialism and communism. These activists have been working and achieved success to subvert mainly young people without experience, college students and minorities. They use emotional tactics such as victimization and excessive social rights claims, extreme social justice claims, etc. to change the mindset of the society. They are never happy and are always ready to spread instability and dissatisfaction among people. Always there will be a goal to be achieved as a tactic to organize demonstrations, to mobilize people, to press companies and governments endlessly. They achieved huge success by controlling most of the media that expresses some of these ideas firmly. Everyone who disagrees or suggests other solutions according to the issue is considered stupid, fascist, racist, homophobic and so on. This is a tactic to silence and shut out any opposition.

The socialist organizations and unions should be concerned to improve welfare state, market economy improvements and proposing laws to assure basic rights to the workers to prevent their exploration. They should be able to teach people to develop entrepreneurship and small business necessary to make them proud and independent people. Instead, they look at capitalism just as an immoral system to be replaced by socialism. So, they work against the system instead of improving it.

Recently, in Brazil, the last presidential election rejected socialism and elected a new government supported by a right-wing democratic party. After 24 years of socialist parties controlling the government, the country has an opportunity to increase sustainable economic development, attract investments, improve security and education, and remove subversive methods used to control people. This task will take time to be implemented and concluded. Some laws need to be changed, but they will be.

The strategy and tactics used to set up socialism in Brazil are available in the references below for all people interested to understand the corrupts methods in order to prevent and face them in the future. Some of them are being implemented in other countries such as France, Germany and US, which are vulnerable to the subversive ideas of Antonio Gramsci and socialist Frankfurt school that have dominated the departments of history, sociology and political science at nearly every major university in the western world.

Raimundo Oliveira

Social Scientist


How to implement socialism in Brazil? Strategy and tactics from workers’ party and its communists allies:

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 19 September 2016:

Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration:



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  1. Jamie Taylor says:

    Let’s hope they are able to take advantage of this opportunity to increase sustainable economic development, attract investments, improve security and education, and removing subversive methods used to control people. How long until the next election, long enough I hope to instigate positive changes?


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